thumb TO 500 x 500   Always wanted to draw your own waveform? Always wanted more control over an oscillator? Then the TableOscillator is for you!

With a flexible display to change the table values and the width of each step, it allows total and unique control over your waveform. The extra waveform displays gives you direct visual feedback and shows the resulting waveform. And the best of all: you can control all 64 parameters of the waveform with CV. Hook up any LFO or connect another TableOscillator and let it dynamically change the waveform.

New in version 2:
- New custom display, which replaces the faders and knobs
- New waveform display that displays the resulting waveform
- Randomization functions for table values and widths, with adjustable randomization amount.
- Changed layout
Features    - Custom display to change the 32 table values and widths of each step/value
- Randomize function to randomly change the table values or widths
- Waveform display which shows the resulting waveform.
- 7 different modes (OSC, Mono Legato, Mono Retrigger, Poly Retrigger, LFO, LFO Retrigger, Poly)
- 4 Interpolation modes (None, Linear, Cosine and Cubic)
- Adjustable number of steps (2 - 32)
- Adjustable pitch bend range
- Adjustable velocity sensitivity with 2 modes
- Simple but effective ADSR envelope, with changable curve
- CV Envelope output
- 32 CV inputs to change the table values
- 32 CV inputs to change the width
- 32 CV invertible CV table value outputs
- 32 CV invertible CV width outputs
- CV in & out for Octave, Semi and Cent parameters
- CV in & out for Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release parameters
- CV in & out for LFO Rate, Phase and Level parameters
- CV in & out for note and gate

Download TableOscillator Owner's Manual (version 10-3-2014)


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