thumb AO 500 x 500   Always wanted to have full control over the partials of an additive oscillator? Then check out the AdditiveOscillator. With 32 amplitude faders and direct visual feedback plus 32 knobs to detune the partials, it allows total and unique control over your sound. And the best of all: you can control all 64 parameters of the waveform with CV. Hook up any LFO or other device and let it dynamically change the partials.

- 32 amplitude faders
- 32 meter displays to provide visual feedback on the internal amplitude
- 32 offset knobs, to detune the partial
- 6 different modes (OSC, Mono Legato, Mono Retrig, Poly Retrig, Poly, LFO, LFO Retrig)
- 2 Engines: a CPU heavy Real Sum-of-Sines and a CPU friendly inverse Fast Fourier Transform)
- Changable start and end partial, relative to the played note
- Fix button to make the ending partial setting relative to the starting partial
- Adjustable pitch bend range
- Adjustable velocity sensitivity
- Simple but effective ADSR envelope, with changable curve
- CV Envelope output
- 32 CV inputs to change the amplitudes
- 32 CV inputs to change the offsets
- 32 CV invertible CV amplitude outputs
- 32 CV invertible CV offset outputs
- CV in & out for Octave, Semi and Cent parameters
- CV in & out for Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release parameters
- CV in & out for LFO Rate, Phase and Level parameters
- CV in & out for note and gate
- Sustain pedal support

Download AdditiveOscillator Owner's Manual (version 10-3-2014)


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